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One week to go!

Lumos is almost here!  I'm so excited.  Remember, our meetup is Thursday, 1:30 PM, in the Common Room!  How will you find us?  Well, I spent the better part of this afternoon making a sign to rally around:

It's not quite finished - I need to draw the lines on the pumpkins, of course - but I thought it could be a fun group activity to personalize the sign with stickers or other decorations.  I have all of nine HP stickers to contribute, but if you have other ideas, please feel free to share! Glitter has been suggested, but I don't think the JW would appreciate glitter in their carpet, so the traditional method would have to be done pre-symposium.

Also, genealogygirl would like to get a group of shippers together for dinner on Wednesday night, for those of us who'll be in town at that point.  Leave a comment if you'd like to make that a part of your plans!
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