R for Rambo (zorb) wrote in lumos_hhr,
R for Rambo

Meet up at Lumos

Welcome again, everyone!  Since we're now two months from the start of Lumos, I think it's a good time to think about when we'd like to get together as a group at the symposium.

First, a little more about me (and we're a small group, so if you want to post an introduction, that's fine): I'm a fandom veteran, having been an active part of the HP fandom since late 2001 and other fandoms prior to that.  I volunteer at FictionAlley and took part in the shipping debate at Nimbus - 2003.  Currently, I'm serving as Lumos' Chief Editor, so if you have general symposium questions that aren't answered elsewhere, feel free to ask me.  I'll also be leading a roundtable discussion at Lumos called Fan Overboard! The Problems and Perils of a Closing Canon.  It's about how to cope as JKR closes more possibilities than she opens, and yes, it was partly inspired by HBP and the subsequent Interview of Doom. 

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!  The broad schedule for Lumos, found here, should help us pick some possibilities.  Here's a few suggestions; feel free to provide more:

* How early in the weekend we can meet depends on when everyone's planning to arrive, of course.  I'll be there before we open and after we close, but if everyone's going to get to Las Vegas by early Thursday, we could meet up before the Welcoming Feast.
* Depending on whether people have Luncheon tickets or not, we could gather for lunch, although there is other programming during that time.
* Saturday evening, during the Leaky/Mugglenet podcast (hey, I'm not planning to go *g*)

We probably shouldn't schedule it during regular programming hours, because I'm sure we'll all have different preferences for that.
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